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Client Stories


Millie made me realise from the beginning that I could achieve my fat loss goals and really helped me to work on my self-belief. Having Millie there in my corner every week made the world of difference… Training to get strong and being grateful for how strong my body is instead of training to look a certain way is one of the best mindset shifts I’ve had.



Food Freedom and Body Image CoachI chose to work with Millie because of her incredible energy and how much she seemed to genuinely care about her clients. I knew that choosing to work with Team CBM would be about way more than just fitness and nutrition and I wasn’t wrong.Working with Millie these past 6 months has been worth every penny, if not more, of the investment. She genuinely cares about you so much as an individual and she is 100% invested in you and your goals. You are not just “another client” to Millie, you are made to feel like you’re the only one she has time for – which is such a gift, because I KNOW how full her days are. Team CBM’s expertise far outreaches fitness and nutrition, the coaches are very talented life coaches and they have helped me with my mindset, emotional regulation and way more than just prioritising training and nutrition. Team CBM host bonus training about all sorts of valuable resources from time-planning to mindset. The training plans designed for me over the course of working together with Team CBM were completely bespoke to me and my fitness goals. Training video feedback was always delivered positively and thoroughly and any exercises that just weren’t working for me were switched to ones that felt a lot better.I could go on forever about how much Millie’s personality combined with her knowledge, expertise, coaching talent and her ability to always dig deep has benefited my life. If you’re looking for a coaching programme which is about way more than just fitness and nutrition – and which will help you to transform your life, Team CBM the one.

Victoria Kleinsman


I’ve never felt this good in my life and honestly this means the WORLD. I can’t thank you enough.



I’d spent 3 years loosing weight after having children and trying my hardest to build muscle to fill out the excess skin.Struggling with depression after having my beautiful children was undoubtedly the hardest time of my life.Training had saved me and had become my life and my passion and the benefits were endless, but I hadn’t worked on my relationship with food – not properly!I’d found healthier habits and I could train with my eyes closed but my binge eating was becoming worse and I could feel myself spiraling.And then I found Millie 🙏🏽I was honest and open from the start, I was absolutely desperate to fix this.Millie helped me address my food relationship, to acknowledge my understanding of it and handed me the tools that were missing in order for me to go forward with my goals.Millie’s knowledge and empathetic ear were everything that I needed.She has continued to be my support, my guide and my teacher – something I never had before.Today, I feel like a stronger woman, able to create better habits that I can pass over to my children.I know how to address issues as I watch them arise and I am more mindful than I ever have been before, not just with food but with my thought process.I feel like I’ve finally found the key- my consistency speaks volumes about the coach that Millie is.Thank you Mills ♡︎



Since starting training with Team CBM, I’ve not only seen changes in my body but we’ve worked on my mind, my quality of sleep, healthier nutrition and my priorities in life and my personal goals. I’ve grown so much as a person in such a short space of time. I can’t thank the CBM community enough.



My main issue was always kidding myself……upping my activity but still eating the same, or justifying myself to eat more because I’d done a workout. Or on the other hand, doing no exercise at all and barely eating. 

  • I had no goal, no REAL reason why I wanted to lose weight so it was aimless – I’d do it for a couple months, lose some weight then get carried away with old habits and back to square one. 
  • I didn’t listen to my body when it told me “I’m full”… no, I’d carry on eating because I love food! To the point it physically hurt from how full I was!
  • I accepted defeat with fibromyalgia and told myself I couldn’t exercise because it will hurt after – so I gave up on trying because I didn’t want to risk being in more pain.
It might look like my progress has been slow but you learn not to compare yourself to others because this time last year I didn’t even know I had strengthThis is more than just “I want to lose weight”… it’s about wanting to say yes to certain things that before I may not have been able to get involved with because of my condition… I didn’t want to be a grandma in my 20s, sick of feeling defeated! ✨ I love the process which I have Millie to thank for, her support guidance and understanding has been phenomenally life changing and I don’t even think she even realises what this means for me and the rest of my life!



Hitting rock bottom…Running my own business brought challenges which I never thought I had to face. Huge huge amounts of loneliness, crippling anxiety and overwhelm, irrational thinking and pretty much completely losing my identity as Chloe, a 25 year old woman. I was crying over everything and anything. I’d hit rock bottom, I wasn’t prioritising water, food or sleep. Let alone getting out for fresh air, walks and the gym. I couldn’t even walk my puppies. I was so unhappy, I couldn’t see any enjoyment in life, my relationship was suffering and I felt isolated. I’d had enough and knew I needed to reach out for help.What we changed to allow me to thrive

  • We worked really closely to retrain my thought processes when it comes to decision making, will this matter tomorrow, will my business burn down etc.
  • We worked on understanding the importance of very basic needs, like food and water, scheduling in meal times and saying ‘ CHLOE GO AND EAT NOW’.
  • We spoke about how others can have a negative impact on us, and therefore I decided to end a couple of client contracts.
  • We set lots of basic goals on the coaching app so I could tick them off throughout the day – like eating, drinking water, completing my morning routine…
  • We both looked at my morning routine, and it was hard to begin but now I really do understand the importance of setting yourself up for success.
  • We even worked through my behaviours when it comes to socialising and in particular alcohol, no business owner needs to have a 3 day hangover.
Breakthrough points for me
  • Coping mechanisms to rationalise my thoughts.
  • Being able to drop what I’m doing in order to feed and water myself.
  • Prioritising the gym, fresh air and doing what I love in life.
  • Understanding that without meeting my basic needs I can’t enjoy other elements of life
I genuinely feel the happiest I’ve felt in around 6 months.I can’t thank Millie enough.



Without sounding dramatic, you have changed my life in so many ways…I didn’t really have any expectations when I decided to go with Mill as my coach, I just knew that I wasn’t happy with how I was feeling within myself.Now I honestly wouldn’t want to be without her and I am by far the fittest I have ever been. She has taught me so much about myself as well as giving me complete food freedom for the first time since I can remember and I will always be so grateful to her for that.She is one boss bitch that is genuinely amazing at what she does and I’m so excited to see where it takes her 💪