Millie Cvjetkovic

Fitness coach


Master of Chemistry Degree

EIQ Nutrition Graduate


My entry into the health and fitness industry was by no means the ‘typical’ one you’ll hear from most coaches.

I didn’t always want to become a PT.

I grew up overweight, unconfident and struggling with binge-eating.

I lived my life in a body which didn’t look at all how I truly felt on the inside…

and I didn’t look how I desperately wanted to look.

After years of suffering from low confidence, then ill health when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – I knew there was no option but to find a way to change.

While studying for my Master’s degree in Chemistry, I began to research frantically about how I could finally begin to live my life in a body that I felt confident and healthy in.

During this process, my life truly flipped upside-down. 

I became fixated on feeling strong, developing my body as well as my mind.

The more I transformed, the more I realised that I wanted to help others to do the same – because I honestly spent my whole life thinking it was impossible and that I was forever destined to live in a body I hated.

In 2021, I quit my high-flying career as a nuclear scientist where I spent most of my days cleaning up dangerous radioactive waste…

just so I could continue to transform as many lives as I could.

Throughout this process, I became a physique competitor and fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding.

Because I finally trained my body and mind to push them beyond my perceived limits.

Now, this is what I wake up happy to do everyday.

The number one reason I founded CBM coaching is the exact same as our ethos…

Which is to transform the bodies and minds of everyone we work with to become SO confident, that they achieve goals they’d only every dreamed of making a reality.

If you’re here because you want some help you achieve the same, then I’m very glad because you’re definitely in the right place.



BSc Sport & Exercise Science

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training



“you’ve turned me from a ten-a-day smoker who couldn’t even walk up a slight incline without feeling like throwing up, to a 5k queen 👸 I owe you my life ✨💕🧚‍♀️
I keep wondering atm where I would be if I hadn’t signed up with you and what I’d be doing with my life and I’m sooooooo fucking grateful honestly” – RHIANNON

“Thank you to @coachedbymillie for all your help and guidance. I look better (I reckon) and I feel a lot better too, was at a point in my life when I was really struggling with my mental health again and this has helped me regain some focus and feel better!”


“I actually can’t quite believe it’s been 16 weeks since I started with Millie. I remember my consultation call with her and I had all these plans and goals that I was so excited to achieve but also so scared because they were fucking huge and terrified me. But Millie believed in me and wrote all those goals down and has consistently pushed me since then to achieve them. ”