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We zero doubt you’ve heard the phrase: “You can’t out train a bad diet”But a “bad diet” can mean literally anything. Maybe you nail a daily cheat meal at the Golden Arches… You have a sneaky bit of chocolate each day…Or perhaps you restrict your calories so much, you spend the whole day feeling tired, hungry and savagely low on energy. But from now, we want you to take that word “bad” and chuck it in the bin. Because there will no longer be a “bad diet” for you now that you’ve arrived on this page.  Because we’re going to show you that a personalised nutrition plan means you can eat whatever you like and still ensure you: 

  • Create the best version of yourself, shift your mindset and heighten your self worth. 
  • Get your body to a place you could never imagine, no longer hiding beneath a towel or feeling judged for wearing tight clothes.
  • Feeling happy in your own skin every day and having tons of energy, giving you brand new levels of confidence.
Sounds great right? Now, we realised very early on in our fitness coaching that things need to be personalised to each person because…

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Those other cookie cutter programmes just don’t work for you.
You’ve tried them before – that sheet of paper that tells you to eat 1000kcals per day. 
You found it online, one random person tried it and lost a couple of kilos… 
So they made the PDF document available to millions of people. 
But here’s the thing – those numbers aren’t personalised to you. 
And when you try sticking to this measly low figure, you’ll not only live with the pangs of anxiety as you wonder to yourself… “How hungry am I going to feel in a few days or weeks if I feel this bad already?” But you’re going to work hard to stick to it, and see zero results at the end. 
Which is exactly why we only create bespoke plans for everyone we work with. 
Getting in shape doesn’t have to be difficult, you can look amazing without struggling through each day. 
And we make this happen with our multiple “Levels of Nutrition” tracking. 
With this approach, each week we can change the focus towards your program.
Got a hectic week at work and know things are going to fall apart? 
Then we can plan around this and have a more flexible approach. 
Know you’ve got a banging party coming up and you HAVE to fit in that little red dress…
Then we can up the strictness and ensure you are looking snatched. 
And we can change your approach at ANY time. 

Our Private Group is the backbone of the CBM community because… 

Great teams always do great things.

“I feel that one of the biggest reasons I have been successful in my fat loss journey (I’ve lost 40kg so far!!), is because I’m constantly reminded of my goals – whether that’s within the coaching app, by Millie or the CBM Team… I have that constant source of external motivation which has been a game changer. Millie has pushed me so much to believe in myself and have confidence that I never thought I would have! I’m so, so grateful to her and the whole of Team CBM”

And this is all included in your coaching plan to ensure we are in constant contact and you never feel like you are going it alone.


The REAL reason most diets FAIL…
Keto, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, Slimming World to name just a few big names. 
They all tend to have one thing in common… Restriction. The truth is, most diets fail because you are told to do something strict and highly unsustainable for a certain number of weeks. And then… BAM. You’re left to your own devices. And because you’ve starved yourself for so long, been so strict, that you’ll turn to ANYTHING to satisfy your cravings. 
Which in turn results in you piling weight back on, or losing the bod you’ve worked hard for.
This increase in weight is happening from the local Weight Watchers meet to 8 high quality science studies too (Nordmo, 2019).
But at CBM… We aren’t a dictatorship. 
We aren’t here to tell you to jump and for you to ask “how high?”
A huge part of our coaching approach is on education
Our goal is to set you up for life, and we do this through additional training videos as well as coaching.
These super short but highly effective videos hit on key topics that’ll ensure you don’t keep returning to the yo yo world of dieting. 
You’ll leave us full of knowledge and likely more than the local PT will ever know about how to lose fat and get in amazing shape… forever

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Exclusive members area

Exclusive members area
  • Downloadable resources

  • Educational videos

  • Recipe packs with calories and macros

  • Live group calls

Start Your Journey


What’s the difference between online coaching and personal training?

When you buy personal training, you are buying a slot of time with a trainer, they’ll likely count your reps, push you to keep going and some of the better ones will give you a diet plan to follow outside of the gym. 

With team CBM, you’ll get our coaches with you 24/7, we are there to tweak your daily nutrition plan, your workouts and be there for you to break through your mental barriers. 

In short, we’ve got your back.

What does online coaching include?

Once you are accepted into the program, you’ll have direct access to all of our previous training videos worth hundreds of pounds straight away. 

We’ll also induct you into our private group so you have access to the coaches and all the support for our other incredible clients. 

In this group we have a mixture of accountability to keep you on track, live training sessions, educational resources and the odd giveaway too. 

Once the admin is done, it’s time for your first call so we can deep dive into you, and ensure the nutrition and training program we create is 100% bespoke around your life, likes, dislikes and work/family/social commitments. 

On that call, we’ll also figure out your personalised goals, and important milestones to get there, including any major breakthroughs you’ll be working to achieve to be unstoppable.

You’ll also have a monthly group call/mastermind and a social meet up every three months, plus a weekly check in with your coach (see below for details).

How do the check-ins work?

Each week you and your coach will have a check-in. 

This is completed via an online form, you’ll upload your progress for that week and your coach will get back to you the following day via an online video. 

In this check in, your coach will cover your answers to the weekly questions, your data, progress photos and any adjustments that have been made for the following week to optimise your progress.

Is there a minimum commitment?

There isn’t a set length for our program, we do ask for a minimum of 3 months to make sure we see a great result in your mindset and body. After that, the longer we work with you, the greater the impact we have.

What makes your online coaching different?

The highly personalised level of care we place in each person. This isn’t a company that treats you as a number, you are a member of the family. We work closely with you throughout your journey no matter what path you are on. Every aspect of our program can be turned off and on like a tap to ensure that your bath is the perfect temperature for you at any point, you can just sit back and relax.

How can I change my nutrition program?

Depending on your goals or preferences throughout the coaching process we can change your nutrition approach – for example, if you don’t want to track your food, you don’t need to. 

We personalise everything for each individual taking into account any allergies, dietary restrictions and personal tastes. 

Should you wish to make any changes during your time with us, just inform your coach during your weekly check in and we’ll make them for you.

What if I have special dietary requirements/allergies/don’t like certain foods?

When you join us, you’ll have a questionnaire that’ll cover all dietary requirements, personal preferences and allergies, so we will cater specifically to you. We also have coaches who are vegetarian and vegan so we can specialise in this area too.

How do I get started?

First up, hit the apply button below. 

That’ll take you to our application form – fill this out for us with as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Any other questions?

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